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Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Mood:  irritated
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Well I am getting irritated with Diamond Jax. He was raised with another buck and never bred up til I got him as a two year old. He is really stupid with the does, so far I managed to breed him to two of them, but yesterday Jackie was in heat and I put them together and he pretty much just sat there and stared at me. I had them locked in the shed and left to do some chores and figured they would figure it out since Jackie was in really active heat. Well I come back and here he is standing by the door, not interested at all in Jackie who is flagging her tail off. So I held her for him and he did this half-hearted attempt to breed but didn't actually do it. The last doe he bred he was like that as well but actually got her. So after some time seeing as he wasn't interested, I put him back in with the bucks and got Blackheart. It took Blackheart all of five seconds to breed her! I made sure he bred her again and then put him back.

So now I am not sure what to do with Diamond Jax, it is getting to be a pain trying to get him to breed, and I can't keep a buck around who won't do his job. I can't sell him as a breeding buck because he doesn't want to breed, and he wouldn't make a good pet because he has big horns and will pound on fencing. I think if he was castrated the shock of it would not be good. So I am thinking of taking him to an auction. I really don't want to do it, but if he doesn't want to breed and I can't sell him as a buck (I know some people sell their "problem" goats to other people but I just can't) so I think this is going to be the route to go. Plus he lost a lot of weight this fall and despite deworming and good hay & grain he just doesn't keep weight on good. I had him tested for Johnes and it came back negitive (thank God!) and the vet is just as puzzled as I am.

What to do....

Posted by tyedyeacres at 1:11 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 30 December 2009 1:23 PM EST
Friday, 25 December 2009
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Fieber by Oomph!
Can't believe this weather. Earlier today it was rainy and windy from the east. Now it is snowing and wind from the south. I wish it would just make up it's mind. But the rain did melt alot of the ice and is making it easier to get around. I think the goats are glad for the break.

Posted by tyedyeacres at 10:39 PM EST
Thursday, 24 December 2009
A New Venture

Well I've never really blogged before, but thought it would be interesting to blog about the farm and animals. So to bring you up to date on 2009 since here we are just days from 2010 (where did the time go?).

I moved to my current farm back in January 2009. Take it from me, moving in the snow sucks! But since it is just me and the critters it did not take long to get everyone settled in.

Come spring I put up an electric fence for the pasture and the goats quickly learned to stay away from it. I also had lots of kids born, all happy & healthy and the ones I sold went to good homes. I retained several doe kids from 2009 to breed in 2010.

I also sold several does I didn't feel where producing the color I wanted, and bought several does to add color and new bloodlines to my herd. I also bought and sold a few bucks as well.

I revamped the goat's main pasture (which is cattle paneled) and put up buck pens for the summer and made a buck pen for the winter in the doe pen (as the main buck pens are on the north side and it drifts quite bad since I am on the prairie, and it makes it easier to breed as I hand breed them).

I also got three mini horses, one palomino overo blue eyed mare and one buckskin mare, and a smutty buckskin stud. Misty, the overo is bred for next year by a different stud and I am looking forwards to having a mini foal. Pumpkin may be bred next year, not sure yet, and Lucky, the stud, is a doll. He is 27 inches tall, very nicely built and well mannered. He has some very nice bloodlines as well. The minis are together now and have a superhutch for their shelter and works great. I keep them seperate from the goats only for the fact that they need a different type of round bale feeder as I feed the goats hay in a cattle panel.

I put the heated water buckets inside the shed this year and made sure the cords are high out of reach as I've been hearing alot of barn fires! I also toyed with the idea of putting one in the buck's pen but with only four bucks it is easier to give them a pail of warm water a day. The mini horses also have their own heated bucket. Come spring I will be cleaning out the bedding pack in the shed and also doing some improvements to it as well.

On 12/20/09 I vaccinated all the does with Lepto-5, dewormed them with Dectomax, trimmed hooves as needed, dusted, and banded horns on several does. Bucks will be done shortly.

 So far these does have been bred.

  1. Buttercup (tan & white/disbudded). Bred 12/08/09. Due 05/07/10 if took. (Gannon).
  2. Dark Chocolate (brown skirted/polled). Bred 12/06/09. Due 05/05/10 if took. (Gannon).
  3. Delia (tri-color/polled). Bred 12/08/09. Due 05/07/10 if took. (Gannon).
  4. Ilene (black & white/dehorned). Bred 12/07/09. Due 05/06/10 if took. (Gannon).
  5. Jackie (black & white/horned). Bred 12/29/09. Due 05/28/10. (Blackheart). 
  6. Keri (chocolate & white/horned). Bred 11/30/09. Due 04/29/10 if took. (Zanas).
  7. Kookie (tri-color/disbudded). Bred 12/12/09. Due 05/11/10 if took. (Appa).
  8. Koko (tri-color/disbudded). Bred 12/23/09. Due 05/22/10 if took. (Diamond Jax).
  9. Libby (black/tan/white w/ blue eyes dehorned). Bred 12/23/09. Due 05/22/10 if took. (Appa).
  10. Lyra (gold & white dehorned). Bred 11/25/09. Due 04/24/10 if took. (Zanas).
  11. Mandy (red & white/disbudded). Bred 11/08/09. Due 04/07/10. Due 04/07/10 if took. (Appa).
  12. Melodie (black & white/horned). Bred 12/23/09. Due 05/22/10 if took. (Blackheart).
  13. Shiva (white/dehorned). Bred 11/08/09. Due 04/07/10 if took. (Appa).
  14. Spice (cinnamon & white/polled). Bred 12/04/09. Due 05/03/10 if took. (Diamond Jax).
  15. Tannin (tri-color/horned). Possibly bred 11/25/09. Due 04/24/10 if took. (Zanas). This was Zanas' first breeding so not sure if he bred her. 
  16. Tier (tri-color/horned). Bred 11/07/09. Due 04/06/10 if took. (Gannon).
  17. Last night we had a lovely ice storm and I wasn't able to make it to milking this morning. The goats are doing good in the ice but every now and again one slips and faints lol. The chickens are doing a nice rederation of "Chickens On Ice" and was pretty amusing. Well, that is my first post and will try to keep it pretty current.


Posted by tyedyeacres at 12:57 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 30 December 2009 1:22 PM EST

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