Here are all of my current bucks. Click on a picture to see more info on the buck. To see bucks I have used in the past for breeding, please check out Reference Bucks above. Bucks are registered with the MGR. You can enter their number and look up their pedigree here: Myotonic Goat Registry pedigree database. If their pedigree does not come up it simply means their info hasn't been uploaded into the database yet. They do that on a regular basis. 

I firmly believe a buck is half the herd and I use only bucks with the qualifications. These boys carry some excellent bloodlines with them.  Click here to see more pictures of them on their Facebook page!

Buck qualifications:

  • Conformation.
  • Temperament.
  • Bloodlines.
  • Hardiness.
  • Two teated.
  • Normal, non-split scrotum.

Please note as I continue to improve my herd, I will be using different bucks to help that. So I will be having bucks for sale quite often as I can't keep a lot of bucks and prefer to keep doelings out of them. But then I'll need new lines to breed to these kids. So check back from time to time to see what is for sale, and if you see a buck that interests you, let me know.



Beetle Bailey.





Red Willow.