This is the does I currently have in my herd. Click on any picture to be taken to that doe's page to see all of her information. I list the doe's info along with sire and dam info and a link to her pedigree so you can see the bloodlines. This is important to me for people to be able to easily access the pedigree and other info as I know the frustration of going onto a site and being unable to find or easily look up the info on the goats there. Bloodlines and conformation play a vital role in the goats I buy and breed so I like it when I can easily look up a goat's info, and I know other people do as well. All my does are picked for the following traits:
  • Bloodlines.
  • Conformation.
  • Hardiness.
  • Kidding ease.
  • Maternal instinct.
It's important that my does have these traits and aren't just a pretty face that needs constant care or rejects their kids. Myotonic goats are known for their hardiness and ease of care pertaining to their kids and I want to preserve those traits as much as I can. I also don't crossbreed nor do I have crossbred goats. I try to stay as close to the breed standard as much as possible and keep out non-breed traits like pygmy/nigerian ears, boer/nubian ears, and roman noses. I also pay attention to good udders and attachment, temperament and conformation.

I also test my herd yearly for CL & Johnes and any new goat is tested for CAE as well. Because of the cost (over $600 a year), I split my testing into two, one group in spring, the rest in fall. The spring group are any new goats (which also get tested when they arrive) and kids turning the appropriate age. The fall test is for does I've had for a while and always tested negative prior tests. Due to the potential of someone copying my results and messing with them/stealing them, I decided to not to post them online but all tests can be viewed in person. Each blood sample is drawn from one goat by my vet and labeled with the goat's registration number and sent in to be tested.

When on the doe pages, if their name is underlined, you can click and view their pedigree. If their parent's names are underlined, you can click on them to see their parents. All pictures of parents not owned by me are owned by their respective owners and I lay no claim to the pictures or goats, they are reference only and not copied or pasted but link directly to owner's site.

To see more pictures of the does, click here.