I really enjoy the two wethers I got from Tye Dye Acres last year, and Lindsay was very helpful with any questions I had!~ Linda H. Madison, WI. (2009).



 Lindsay really cares that I am happy with the goats I got from her and is always there if I need any help. ~ Jordan K. Fond Du Lac, WI. (2009).



 I probably made a pest of myself with all the questions I asked, but she alway took the time to answer them!~ Kerri J. Lowell, WI. (2009).



 Having never owned goats before, I had only wanted one in the beginning. I visited her farm and she explained to me why goats are happier with a buddy. After seeing her goats interacting, and how they did stick together, I got two wethers from her. I am glad I went  with two as they are best buddies and always stick together.~ Matt G. Fairwater, WI. (2009).



 Unlike some breeders who seem only to care about the money, Lindsay wants to make sure her goats go to a good home and that we enjoy them. She has helped us alot with our many questions!~ Julie B. Ripon, Wi.



Our two kids from Tye Dye Acres are a joy and we are so happy to have them. They are such friendly goats and make great weedeaters! Thanks again!~ The Tillman Family, Stevens Point, WI.



 The fainters we got from Lindsay are such nice animals, we love them so much. They really have added to our herd and we can't wait to see their kids! Judy & Mike W. Rockford, IL.  


 We had had goats in the past but they had horns and we ended up having to sell them because they where very pushy with their horns and our children had been getting bumped and bruised. We where delighted to find Lindsay disbuds her kids as the other breeders by us did not, and we did not want to deal with horns again. Our "kids" are wonderful with our children and we are glad we bought them! ~ Sue and Steve W. Beaver Dam, WI.



 I was impressed with how healthy and happy her goats are and that she tests everyone who is old enough yearly. A lot of people don't test or only do a couple, she does everyone and I feel confident about the goats I got from her. ~ Alex M. Waterloo, WI.



 Her prices are very reasonable and her goats are very nice and have great pedigrees. I purchased some does and a buck from her as breeding stock and am looking forwards to their kids next year. ~ Alice S. Green Lake, Wi.



 I bought two bred does and a doe who had already kidded. Lindsay told me if for any reason the two bred does didn't have kids or had any trouble, she would let me re-breed them to one of her bucks of my choice. Well, both the does gave me healthy, bouncy twins! I plan on using her stud service this year as I don't want a buck and she has a lot of different bloodlines. ~ Jules A. Fond Du Lac, Wi.



 I was paying too much for the vet to come out and do shots, deworm and hooves, and Lindsay allowed me to come over when she was doing her herd health and showed me how to properly give shots and do hooves. She let me try my hand on her goats and it really helped me a lot. Thanks again Lindsay! ~ Jim D. Columbus, Wi.                                       


 It was a bit of a trip but the goats where worth it! So happy we decided to go with goats from Tye Dye Acres. All of the ones we got where up to date on their shots, and dewormed and hooves done. They are fitting in great with our little herd and just wanted to share that update!! ~ Sara L. Peoria, IL.