Here are all of my current bucks. To see bucks I have used in the past for breed, please check out Reference Bucks above. To see the silky bucks, please click on The Silkies above. Bucks with underlined names means you can click on their name and be taken to their pedigree (opens in new window). As the show season winds down the rest of my goats will be registered shortly. Also, on the ones not registered yet, click on their parent's names to see their parent's pedigrees. :-)              

                                  Due to winter coming, I've decided to cut down on my bucks, I currently have 13 and that's just getting to be too many and some have relations in the doe herd. Bucks for sale will have a price under them. Transport is available.




B1840 Westwind Acres Calypso Moon. DOB: 05/01/10, single. Sire: Sanes Creek Ranch Sundance Kid. Dam: Bells Goats Half Moon. Moon is moon spotted and disbudded. He comes from IN. Very nice boy and really excited to see his kids coming in April! Thanks Tammy!



B0722 Brassring Blue Virgil. DOB: 01/30/10 out of triplets. Sire: Leon Oliver's Sport Model. Dam: S-L Kattie. Virgil is my blue and white disbudded buckling from Lisa at Brassring in TN. Very excited to begin breeding with him. Virgil is 17 inches tall on 01/16/11. For Sale: $175. He has bred a doe already and knows what to do.


Lickskillet Acres Sully. DOB: coming soon. Sire: Brown Shop Road Samuel. Dam: Lickskillet Acres Strawberry Shortcake. Sully will be a bigger buck and is polled and blue eyed. He was born in AL, but I got him from Blue Bird Acres in MO. He is a nice black belly patterned buck and has already gone to work! Looking forwards to his kids in April!






B0441 7F Ranch Dero. DOB: 01/18/10, single. Sire: Bakken's Mighty Max. Dam: Over EZ Acres Rose. Marbled blue eyed, disbudded and gold with a little white. Sire is Apache Landing bred and dam is Okie Arks bred. Very nice buck who comes from Barbara in TX. Dero is 19 inches on 01/16/11. For Sale. $175. I have his half-brother Rosenrot so looking to sell him.

                                                                                                                 Junior bucks 2011.

                                                                     These are bucks I bought or retained in 2011.

B0712 Scape Goats Ranch Pox. DOB: 05/24/10, single. Sire: Scape Goats Ranch Copper. Dam: Scape Goats Ranch Dot. Black & white with chocolate MOONSPOTS! He is disbudded. Thanks Lisa from Scape Goats Ranch for this awesome guy! Pox is 17" on 01/16/11. For Sale: $250. Should throw lots of spots.



7F Ranch Rosenrot. DOB: 02/15/11 out of twins. Sire: Fern Hill Titan's Mark FHF. Dam: Over EZ Acres Rose 7FR. Blue eyed and is polled. Very nice buck who comes from Barbara in TX. Beautiful deep red, can't wait to use him for breeding!

Tippy Goat Farm Zven's Ice. DOB: March 2011 out of twins. Sire: Tippy Goat Farm Blue Buckaroo. Dam: Tippy Goat Farms Zoe. Zven is polled and blue eyed. Very nice buck who should be medium sized when full grown. Hails from TN with his half sister Khira Li on the does page.

Tye Dye Acres Jivex. DOB: 03/23/11 out of triplets. Sire: TTT Farm Cirus. Dam: 7 Fainting Acres Spirit Jumper. Jivex is polled and should mature to a medium sized buck. He is the first one on the left in the second picture. For Sale. $200. Nice coloring, size and is polled.                                      

Tye Dye Acres Gorlist. DOB: 06/04/11, single. Sire: 7F Ranch Dero. Dam: Brassring Blue Gayla. Gorlist a polled bay roan buckling. Should mature into a nice herdsire. He's already practicing :-). On HOLD for John at Gray Robin Ranch, thanks John!

Prairie Farm Fainters Alto. DOB: 04/01/11 out of twins. Sire: Iron Gate Ranch Nash. Dam: Prairie Farm Fainters Ariel. Alto is a well built buckling from OH.


Sawtree Ridge Br'er Rabbit (aka Thorn). DOB: 03/07/11, out of twins. Sire: Apache Landing Butler. Dam: Sawtree Ridge Curly Blue. Thorn is a real nice bay roan buck, you can see the red framed by the blue. Hoping to use him on at least one doe this breeding season as he is ready and willing! He came from TN. Thanks Robin!