Does that had singles.


  1. 05/23/09. Eartha X Moses. Gold & white buckling. 

  2. 05/25/09. Jackie X Moses. Red & white with black blue eyed buckling.

  3. 05/25/09. Cola X Moses. Red buckling.

  4. 05/29/09. Oreo X Moses. Red blue eyed doeling.

  5. 06/21/09. Pan X Mandrick. Tri-colored polled buckling.


Does that have had twins or more:


  1. 02/20/09. Sin X Mike. Twin doelings.One is black & white, the other is gold & white.

  2. 02/21/09. Anise X Mike. Twin bucklings. One is black & white and the other is tri-color.

  3. 02/21/09. Emma X Mike. Twin bucklings. Both tri-color.

  4. 02/22/09. Spice X Gunslinger. Twin doelings. One is black & white, the other is cinnimon & white, polled.

  5. 04/01/09. Shiva X Moses. Twin doelings. One is red roan, the other is silver/red roan with blue eyes.

  6. 04/03/09. Smore X Moses. Twin doelings. One is red, the other is red & white with blue eyes.

  7. 04/07/09. Dark Chocolate X Gunslinger. Two doelings, one buckling. One doeling is black & white, blue eyed, the other is chocolate & white, blue eyed & polled. Buckling is brown & white.

  8. 05/07/09. Aniaca X Paco. Twin bucklings. Both are black & white.

  9. 05/21/0. Delia X Paco. One buckling & one doeling. Buckling is tri-color, Doeling is white with blue eyes and polled.

  10. 07/11/09. Buttercup X Moses. One buckling and one doeling. Buckling is red & white. Doeling is chocolate & white, blue eyed.