This is my buyer's agreement and deposit information.

I have some requirements when you purchase a fainting goat from me-

I have decided to add a new purchase policy for my farm to answer any questions and avoid confusion on purchasing my goats.
kids can leave my farm no sooner then 8 weeks of age, exceptions can be  made for bottle babies. Bottle babies must have at least three days on their dams to ensure enough colostrum which is vital to a good start

Deposits/Payment - I don't require deposits on kids that aren't born yet. Anyone interested in purchasing a goat from me is required to send a non refundable 50 % deposit within 7 business days after a verbal confirmation on a particular kid. If I don't receive a deposit the goat will go back up for sale. Bank and postal money orders are all I accept, and cash is always welcome, I have no problem writing you a receipt. No goat will leave my farm until the goat is paid for in full. Goats will be put  "on hold" until the deposit is received. Once I get the deposit, the goat will be marked as "sale pending". I will not hold any goats without a deposit. There will be no exceptions. Just because the goat is still at my farm does not mean it is still for sale.

Pick-up/Delivery -Kids that are "sold" will have to be picked up within a reasonable time frame after 8 weeks of age. I can usually meet anyone within a reasonable distance, but my gas and tolls will be the purchasers responsibility. Goats can stay at my farm if transport is difficult for a short time. A small boarding fee may be charged depending on length of stay. Any new owners must keep in touch with me if problems arise and they are not able to pick up or take the goats when they are scheduled to leave.

Health Certificates -Health certificates and blood testing can be done at the buyers expense.

Disbudding- I have decided to start disbudding all of my kids (buck or doe) as I have seen a lot of people who decided not to keep goats as pets due to horns, either getting stuck in fencing, or being too aggressive towards each other. So now unless the kid is polled, all kids will be disbudded as soon as they are old enough, which can vary depending on the size of horns. 
However, if you want a horned kid, you must pay the full price in advance. This is not transferable to another kid and non-refundable if you change your mind. Of course if something where to happen to the kid you would have choice of another kid or refund.


Registration -Any kid can be registered with the MGR. I will provide the paperwork for them, the buyer is respondisble for registeration and transfer fees. On kids that can be registered with the IFGA, again, I will provide the paperwork for them, but the buyer is respondsible for all registation and transfer fees. The buyer is also respondsible for pictures to register the kids.