Here are pictures of past kids. Check out the For Sale page to see who is currently for sale!

 This is not a complete list of every kid that I have had, but rather to show what kind of colors I have born.

I am very pleased with the kids my bucks and does have had, they make awesome kids together and can't wait for spring to see what is born this year.

Shiva x Moses. 2009 twin doelings, the white one has blue eyes. Both retained. (Fira & Feria)

Smore x Moses. 2009 twin doelings. The red & white one has blue eyes, sold, the red one is retained (Robin).

Patty x Mike. 2007 twin bucklings. The gold one is sold and the gold & white was retained and used for breeding before being sold.

Anaica x Paco. 2009 twin bucklings. Both sold.


Smore x Mike. 2007 doeling retained (Pan).

Patsy x Mike. 2008 buckling. Sold.

Shiva x Moses 2008. Twin bucklings, one in front has blue eyes. Both sold.

Patty x Mike. 2008 twin doelings. Both sold.

Dark Chocolate x Gunslinger. 2009 triplets. Two doelings & one buckling. Buckling is polled, silky & sold. Doeling is polled, silky & blue eyed & retained (Seiden). Other doeling was black & white, blue eyed & sold as bottle baby.