B0841 Westwind Acres Alexx. DOB: 12/30/09 out of twins. Sire: Sol-Orr Legal Tender. Dam: Westwind Acres Anita. Alexx is a disbudded buck with marbled blue eyes. His coat REALLY came in but of course he rubbed all of his beautiful bangs off, but they will grow back! His sire is all Sol-Orr with one Bayshore and his dam has lots of silky in her lines as well. He is from Tammy at Westwind Acres in IN. She has some very nice fainters and silkies. Alexx is 20" on 01/16/11.





Will be MGR & MSFGA. Sunset Ridge Salem. DOB: 05/24/10, single. Sire: Hobby Hills Mr. Authentic. Dam: Jacob's Run Katie Lou. Salem is polled and carries the blue eye gene from both his parents. He is a sweet little boy and look at that coat! He should throw some beautiful kids. Thanks Marnie! Salem is 16" on 01/16/11.



A3099 & F790. Prairie Patch Farm Dark Chocolate. DOB: 03/25/04. Sire: Critter's Corner Lightning. Dam: Prairie Patch Farm Lightening. She is silky and polled. Threw triplets the first year I had her and quads the second year. DC is a mini at 21". For sale.

GAE Seiden. DOB: 04/07/09 out of triplets. Sire: Driftwood Farms Gunslinger. Dam: Prairie Patch Farm Dark Chocolate. Blue eyed, polled and has a good coat. She will be registered MGR & MSFGA soon. She is 19" on 01/16/11.

A9146 Butternut Acres Beauty. DOB: 02/13/09 out of twins. Sire: Butternut Acres Buckshot. Dam: Butternut Acres Gracie. Marbled blue eyes and nice skirting. Faints very well. Beauty is a tiny 17" on 01/16/11. For sale.

A6461 & F1472. Splash Of Sunset Ridge Silkies. DOB: 01/01/05. Parents unknown. Splash has a very nice coat and looking forwards to breeding her to one of my silky bucks for 2011 kids. Splash is a mini at 21". For sale