If a goat has an underlined name, click on it to be taken to their pedigree on the MGR (opens in new window). Goats not registered yet can still have their pedigree shown by clicking on their parent's names.     




A8642 & 1903 All Seasons Caspar. DOB: 05/06/09 out of twins. Sire:
Bayshore's Pirate. Dam: Ehlinger Acres MiMi. Caspar is disbudded and has bright blue eyes. He has more bangs but rubbed them off. Thanks Heidi for this nice guy, can't wait to see what he throws! He is registered MSFGA & MGR. On HOLD for John at Gray Robin Ranch. Thanks John!



Tye Dye Acres Seiden. DOB: 04/07/09 out of triplets. Sire: Driftwood Farms Gunslinger. Dam: Prairie Patch Farm's Dark Chocolate. Blue eyed, polled and has a good coat. She will be registered MGR & MSFGA soon. She is 19" on 01/16/11.

Tye Dye Acres Mercedes. DOB: 12/26/10 out of twins. Sire: Driftwood Farms Gunslinger. Dam: Juliet at Tye Dye Acres. Mercedes is disbudded and blue eyes. She and Rosheen spent the summer at the zoo in Oshkosh and where a huge hit!

                                                                                                                    Junior does:
                                                        These are doelings I retained from 2011.
Tye Dye Acres Harrier. DOB: 04/27/11 out of twins. Sire: GAE Blackheart. Dam: Sandy Ridge Silkies Harriet (pictured). Harrier is polled and blue eyed, so was her brother. Getting some nice hair on her already.