Since I've noticed the site loading slower with all the pictures, I decided to make each doe her own page. You will be able to see several pictures, not just one, and also her info. Does are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the doe's picture.

Here are all my current does. All colors from blue,  black & white, to tri-color to red & white and more. Breeding for blue eyes, and polled along with blue & red color and always correct conformation and bloodlines. If the goat has a underline under their name, you can click it to pull up their pedigree. For the ones not yet registered or if they are not in the database yet, click on their parent's names to show their pedigrees.

All goats over two are tested for Johne's, CAE and CL yearly. 14 does where tested on Feb 2nd 2012 for CAE and Johnes and they all came back negative. Those 14 will be tested for CL shortly. The rest of the adult does will be tested when the yearlings reach two here in a month or two since it saves a lot of money to do them in a group, these remaining adults have tested negative for all three on previous tests. All does will be tested before their kids are sold to ensure they are disease free. I am happy to show paperwork.

I breed for purebred fainters, I do not cross breed nor do I own any other breeds of goats. I love the fainters so much any other breed pales in comparison :-)
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Also, I breed my myotonic goats to the breed standards set forth by the registries 20 some years ago. I do not cross breed and I do not allow non-myotonic traits in my goats. Example: Roman noses, found in Nubians and Boer breeds are not a trait found in the myotonics bred to the breed standard. Nether is droopy (also Nubian/Boer) ears, short, erect ears, or Lamancha ears (no cartilage or gofer ears). I also do not breed my myo's to look like a dairy type goat either. No matter what the size of goat (myotonics come in small, medium and large), they should still be as consistent as possible to the breed standard.