2012 kidding season has began! So far two bucklings and one doeling. Next doe to go is Gilly, due March 23rd (see 2012 Kidding Schedule and Previous Kids for list of does due). Please CLICK on the kid's picture to be taken to it's page. Kids out of the same dam will be on the same page together and marked for sale/sold depending on their status. Please note, for the health of my does, they only kid once a year. Once they are done kidding, they have 6-7 months before they are rebred to ensure enough rest and recovery. Also, young does are not bred until at least a year and most are 16 months or older before they are bred the first time. Myotonic's grow slower then other breeds and it's not good to breed them young as it will stunt them and cause kidding problems!

Click on the pictures below to be take to each kid's page. Kids out of same dam will be on same page!