Does for sale. Due to the fact I have several of the same lines or related, I've decided to offer some adult does for sale since I will be keeping doe kids from this year. These are not culls, this is not a herd reduction, nor do I need money for anything. I've merely decided that some adult does will have to be sold to keep doelings. All does are current on vaccines, they where dewormed 03/09/13 with Ivomec and will be dewormed again if needed before they leave and hooves are trimmed. Bred does will be able to leave after they kid and their kids are weaned so if interested, let me know and I'll place a hold on them. They will each come with a copy of their 2013 CL/CAE/Johnes negative test as well. You can click on each doe's picture to be taken to their page with more info on them. Please email me at or call 920-229-4391 for any questions. I am willing to do better price on more then two does bought. All have kidded before with no problems. Does will be removed when sold.

Ginny. Sold.

Christine. Sold.

Seiden. Sold.