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These are my spoiled goats. While I raise and breed them I don't show, due to milking cows and feeding calves it would be too hard to, however they all have excellent conformation, and breeding and temperments and they and their offspring would all do well in a show. All my goats will be registered with the MGR and some with the IFGA. Myotonic goats make great pets and are easy to take care of as long as they have proper care. All my goats have a place in my heart and I am always glad to go out and see them in the morning. They are more fun to watch then T.V. Try a couple, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! To look up any of my registered goats pedigrees, just follow the link below and type in their names!

Myotonic Goat Registry Pedigree Search



  1. Braun Farm Diamond TYE. DOB: 02/12/09. Brown & white polled, skirted.
  2. Dowling Farms Melodie TYE. Black & white horned & skirted.
  3. Fellenz Farm Lyra TYE. DOB: 02/23/08. Gold & white dehorned. 
  4. GAE Spice GAE. DOB: 01/10/05. Cinnimon & white polled.
  5. Hillcrest Ranch Ilene CDF A1641. DOB: 03/19/05. Black & white dehorned.
  6. Lazy Creek Acres Abby LCA A6087. DOB: 04/19/08. Black & white dehorned.
  7. Morse Farm Buttercup TYE. DOB: 04/13/06. Gold & white dehorned. 
  8. Novis Farm Sissy TYE. DOB: 06/12/08. Red & white horned.
  9. Prairie Patch Farm Dark Chocolate. Brown silky polled.
  10. Riverwood Farm Mandy TYE. DOB: 04/00/07. Red & white dehorned.
  11. Riverwood Farm Missy TYE. Red & white dehorned.
  12. Spieth Farm Shimmer TYE. Tri-colored & dehorned.
  13. Tye Dye Acres Cola TYE. Brown horned. 
  14. Tye Dye Acres Jackie TYE. Black & white horned.
  15. Tye Dye Acres Pandora TYE. Tri-color horned.
  16. Tye Dye Acres Shiva TYE A3436. DOB: 12/15/05. Silver/white dehorned.
  17. Wahnkey Trail's Delia TYE. DOB: 03/0/07. Tri-color polled.  
  18. Wiedemeier Farm Krissy TYE. White w/ little black & skirted horned.






No she's not dead! This is what a fainting goat looks like in "Full Faint"


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