Here are all my current does. All colors from black & white, to tri-color to red & white and more. Breeding for blue eyes, polled and silky along with blue & red color and always correct conformation and bloodlines. If the goat has a underline under their name, you can click it to pull up their pedigree. After the show season winds down, I will be getting the rest registered. For the ones not yet registered, click on their parent's names to show their pedigrees.

All goats over two are tested for Johne's, CAE and CL yearly. Last test was 10/29/10 and all goats tested where negative. I am happy to show paperwork. I breed for purebred fainters, I do not cross breed nor do I own any other breeds of goats. I love the fainters so much any other breed pales in comparison :-)


Click on The Silkies above to see the rest of the does. Check the goats out on FB for a lot more pictures by clicking here.

               The pictures you see here are of the does on pasture condition, they get pasture/browse and a free choice protein/mineral block during summer. I do not crowd them into pens or buildings so they have a natural condition to them. Most of the does had raised their kids with no grain and all did fine, I only give grain late fall through early spring because if I grained year round they would become fat and unhealthy. I want goats that are hardy, healthy, able to utilize pasture and forage, need minimal deworming, have good hooves and easy to care for. My goats are "natural" goats and do not need to be fed a ton of grain and hay year round to keep weight on or to raise kids on. And they prefer to sleep outside in good weather compared to being kept in a barn and crowded together, which causes issues. My goats are not fat but are in good weight and excellent health because they are allowed to be goats and not penned up like cattle. The does I have bought come from farms that believe like I do goats should be goats and allowed to free-range and be hardy and don't need to be coddled. You get a better goat that way and a lot less issues with worms, hooves, or diseases. :-)

Finally got the camera working again and updated a bunch of pictures. I like to have several pictures of each goat so you can see what they look like. They are fit and sassy and breeding season has begun and will be getting up the breeding list here shortly. Kids will be arriving end of March through April-May.




A4775 Indian Creek Fainters Speckles. DOB: 01/23/2008 out of twins. Sire: "Da Man" 7FA. Dam: Ferris' Indian Creek Fainters Hailie.

Speckles is a peacock patterned doe and she is polled. Her sire Da Man from 7 Fainting Acres won grand champion in the Virtual Goat Show in 2011! She is a bigger doe, 25" and nice and solid.


B1433 Doublejett Phoebe. DOB: 06/20/10 out of twins. Sire: S-L Ben. Dam: Doublejett Peaches.
Phoebe is a very well built doe and her sire is huge! Should be a bigger doe when fully matured.


B0725 Peck Farm April. DOB: 04/01/09 out of twins. Sire: Borrowed Acres Farm Grady. Dam: 7F Acres Ruby Lady. A real nice red & white doe with excellent bloodlines to boot. Thanks Nellie for April.





 A9634. Tye Dye Acres Nebel. DOB: 07/11/09. Sire: TPF Moses. Dam: Tye Dye Acres Buttercup. Nebel is blue eyed and disbudded. She was chocolate at birth and has turned red. Very myotonic!


A6231 Ella Mae PBJ. DOB: 04/01/07. Sire: Unknown. Dam: GVF Little Bitty PBJ. Ella is a nice stocky doe who I want to use in my blue program. She will be bred to a blue buck for 2012 kids. Her first kidding she had triplets!



Tye Dye Acres Solara. DOB: 06/17/10 twin. Sire: Unowned red polled buck. Dam: Roxy. Solara is polled and as you can see, has moonspots. She is built like a brick and faints well. 



B0439 7F Ranch Teadora. DOB: 01/10/10 out of triplets. Sire: Fern Hill Titan's Mark. Dam: Over EZ Acres Abbigail. Teadora is polled and a half sister to Rosenrot, they share the same sire so hopefully will get some red kids out of her if I breed her to one of my other red bucks :-)


 Hillcrest Ranch Velvet. DOB: 05/26/09 triplet. Sire: Benson's Leo. Dam: Hillcrest Ranch Tallulah. Velvet is a tri-color and has blue eyes. She has a blue sire and gray dam so I am hoping for some blue eyed, blue kids out of her.                     



B1722 Brassring Blue Gilly. DOB: 06/13/09 out of twins. Sire: Brassring Wells Willee. Dam: Well's Geisha. Blue and white and polled. Smaller sized. She and her sister Gayla came from TN. Hoping to get some blue kids out of her since both her dam & sire are blue! Thanks Lisa for these nice does! Gilly measured 18" on 01/16/11.                  




A1042 TPF Cordelia. DOB: 09/01/05 single. Sire: No-Knees Hutch. Dam: Unknown. Cordy is a little 19" doe, she will be bred to a mini buck this fall. She came with her daughter Sweetie.





A9696 Titan Farms Kayce. DOB: 03/04/10 single. Sire: Titan Farms Scorpius. Dam: Coyote Creek Kiera. Kayce is a really nice doe, one of my biggest ones! She came from AR with Demi. Thanks Meagan!



Pinnacle Pasture Dolly. DOB: 03/02/10. Sire: Sunset Ridge Tin Roof Sundae. Dam: Pinnacle Pastures Mocha. Dolly is very myotonic...doesn't take much to get her to stiffen up and fall over!





 Sunny K Acres China. DOB: 04/03/09 single. Sire: R Painted Acres Remington. Dam: Lazy Daze Farm Curly Sue. China is disbudded and carries the moon spot gene. She is a smaller doe. She is pictured with her blue eyed doe kid Christine from this year.                  


  Roxy at Tye Dye Acres. DOB: Unknown, estimated age: 3 years. Sire: Unknown. Dam: Unknown. Roxy is my favorite doe, she always comes to greet me and be petted. She came bred and had two polled kids! I kept her daughters Rayne and Solara to keep her company.                


B3788 Beechkeld 1103. DOB: 03/09/11, twin. Sire: Beechkeld 0905. Dam: Beechkeld 0631. 1103 is a peacock patterned doe from the Beechkeld herd owned by Dr. Phil Sponenberg in VA. Dr. Phil raises his goats as naturally as possible with no grain at all. This little girl was pasture raised and looks excellent! She fits in great here. Can't wait to see her kids when she is old enought to breed!




P-11026-H Raven's Rest Ruby Adel. Born 2008. Sire: Raven's Rest Kemp. Dam: Coyote Creek Olivia. Ruby is a very nice red & white doe who was born in FL and I got her from my friend in KY. She seems to enjoy the cooler weather up here, wait until winter, LOL. Her sire is a beautiful red & white buck, he is awesome! If you look at the bottom picture you can see the grasshopper on her side.      

A8229 Happy Valley Ellie. DOB: 01/19/08 out of twins. Sire: Bending Tree Ranch Buster. Dam: Moonlight Farms Duchess. Ellie is a really nice blue eyed red & white doe who comes from Tammy Harper in IN. Hoping to get her bred and she should have beautiful kids! She is a larger doe.


 B1720 Brassring Hollyhocks. DOB:03/15/10 twin. Sire: Brassring Casanova. Dam: Brassring Hulahoop. Holly has some nice bloodlines behind her, her sire is out of Brassring Farm Wells Willee and her dam is out of DoubleJett Top Gun. She is disbudded and faints good. Very nice girl! Thanks Lisa! From TN.    


 Sandy Ridge Silkies Harriet. DOB: 05/08/08 twins. Sire: Wahnakey Trail's Hemmingway. Dam: Sandy Ridge Silkies Petunia. Harriet & Hemi are siblings. She has bright blue eyes and is disbudded. Very nice mellow girl, smaller size.                             






A3490 Ferris' Indian Creek Fainters Sweetie-Pie. DOB: 04/17/07, single. Sire: Ferris' Indian Creek Fainters Thunder. Dam: TPF Cordelia. Sweetie is around 23" and a nice chocolate color. Looking forwards to breeding her this fall!                  




A9630 GAE Sonne. DOB: 02/22/09 out of twins. Sire: Driftwood Farms Gunslinger. Dam: GAE Spice. Sonne is polled and is a smaller doe.

                                                                                       Junior Does: 
                                        These are doelings from 2011 I either retained or bought.





 Titan Farms Demi. DOB: 03/27/11 out of triplets. Sire: Apache Landing Yankee. Dam: B's Barn Danka. Demi is a sweet little polled and blue eyed doe. She will be medium sized. She came from AR with Kayce. Thanks Meagan!                



 Tye Dye Acres Rayne. DOB: 03/28/11 out of twins. Sire: GAE Full Throttle. Dam: Tye Dye Acres Roxy. Rayne is a very flashy and well built doeling. She is disbudded and she and her half sister hang out with their mother Roxy all the time.       



Tye Dye Acres Christine. DOB: 04/27/11, single. Sire: Westwind Acres Alexx. Dam: Sunny K Acres China. Christine is disbudded and blue eyed. Stout little girl who is nearly a mirror of her mother!

Tye Dye Acres Rosheen. DOB: 01/22/11 out of twins. Sire: GAE Blackheart. Dam: Tye Dye Acres Robin. Rosheen is polled and skirted. She and Mercedes (Pictured on left in third picture) spent the summer at the local zoo in Oshkosh WI. They where a huge hit and the zoo is having me take more goats there next year. See pictures around the farm page for pictures of them at the zoo.

Tippy Goat Farms Khira Li. DOB: April 2011 out of twins. Sire: Tippy Goat Farms Blue Buckaroo. Dam: Tippy Goat Farms Candy. Khira is blue eyed and polled. Hails from TN with her half-brother Zven. Very nice little doe and will be medium sized.